Lowest BOM Cost Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0
Adapter Solution

  • Up to 88% efficiency, 40W output power
  • SmartDefender™ smart hiccup helps address soft shorts in cables and connectors

MediaTek Pump Express™ Compatible Adapter Solutions

  • No added BOM cost vs conventional charging
  • Dynamic voltage scaling optimizes charging time
  • Support for 5W, 7.5W and 15W output power

High Power Density 12W and 24W PrimAccurate™ Controllers

  • Ultra-low no-load standby (<10mW or <20mW)
  • Fast dynamic load response
  • For surprisingly small adapters and chargers

Solve Dimming Performance Issues, Reduce Cost in SSL Retrofit Bulbs

  • Single-stage design for low BOM cost
  • Built-in, configurable over-temp protection derating
  • Lowest pop-on current < 5% of light output

Solve Cost and Lifetime Issues in Non-Dimmable SSL Retrofit Bulbs

  • Up to 20% BOM cost savings
  • Configurable over-temp protection with derating
  • Configurable PF control

6-Channel Backlight Driver with Intelligent Digital Control

  • Simplifies design - one part for both 2D and 3D TV
  • Reduces BOM cost
  • For edge-lit and direct-lit LCD TVs

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