5W-7.5W MediaTek Pump Express™-Compatible Digital PWM AC/DC Controller - New!

The iW1680 is a single-chip solution that supports 5W and 7.5W output power and uses Dialog's intelligent Rapid Charge™ digital algorithm and digital PrimAccurate™ primary-side control to significantly reduce charge times in USB AC/DC wall chargers with no additional bill of materials cost versus slower conventional charging technologies.

MediaTek’s Pump Express protocol enables up to 45% faster charging times (compared to conventional chargers) for feature phones, smartphones and media tablets.  Conventional USB chargers provide 5V to the handset, which requires a buck converter to convert that 5V down to a usable voltage level by the phone. Using Dialog’s rapid charge technology, the output voltage of the iW1680 scales as needed by the system, reducing charging time and lowering system cost by removing the need for an input buck converter.

The iW1680 is highly efficient, and offers no-load standby power <30mW, meeting the US Department of Energy’s external power supply efficiency requirements and Version 5, Tier 2 of the EU’s Code of Conduct for external power supplies.  The iW1680 also offers a full array of protection features including overvoltage, short circuit and over-temperature protection.

For 15W output power MediaTek Pump Express Plus-compatible controller, see iW1788.

Typical Applications Diagram

Functional Block Diagram


  • Supports MediaTek Pump Express™ fast charge protocol
  • 7.5W PrimAccurate™ isolated off-line controller
    • Eliminates secondary-side regulator and optical feedback isolator
  • Built-in digital intelligence on primary side for intelligent dynamic voltage scaling to optimize charge time
  • Meets DoE External Power Supply and EU Code of Conduct Version 5, Tier 2 standards
    • <30mW no-load power consumption
  • Adaptive Multi-Mode PWM/PFM control improves efficiency
  • No audible noise over the entire operating range
  • Active start-up scheme enables fastest possible start-up
  • Cable drop compensation - different options available
  • Low EMI design
  • No external compensation needed
  • Fully protected from fault conditions
    • Over-temperature protection
    • Output short circuit
    • Output low impedance
    • Output overvoltage


  • Compact AC/DC chargers/adapters for portable electronics
  • Fast charge enabled adapters for smartphones
  • Linear AC/DC replacement

Rapid Charge™ Adapter Solutions

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