16-Channel LED Driver with AnyMode™ Dimming Enhances TV Picture Quality, Offers Robust Short Protection - New!

The iW7029 is a 16-channel LED backlight driver that enhances TV picture quality, offers the most extensive set of short protection features, and reduces BOM for next-generation 2D and 3D LCD TVs. It uses external LED current sinks and up to two external DC converters (boost, buck, LLC, etc.) for the LED driver to enable easy current and voltage scaling (600mA or more per channel and Vout to 65V maximum).

Dialog’s patented AnyMode™ dimming offers comprehensive, simple and flexible options to improve LED TV picture quality. It allows continuous PWM signals or burst PWM signals that are fully synchronized to the video frame at the same or higher frequency. The PWM duty cycle can be updated in each video frame and with user-configurable tail or head delays. This provides more options to reduce motion blur and improve the contrast ratio. A built-in PLL (phase-locked loop) further ensures jitter-free operation even with a noisy VSYNC signal.

The iW7029’s robust short detection and protection features include individual LED short, channel-to-channel short, current sink MOSFET drain-to-source short, current sense resistor short, and chip-to-chip string short protection across multiple LED drivers.

The iW7029’s on-board digital control engine generates the PWM wave form and manages all fault conditions, eliminating the need for MCUs.

Typical Applications Diagram

Functional Block Diagram


  • 16-channel LED driver controller, 65V (max) LED voltage per channel
  • Wide input supply voltage: 10V to 28V
  • AnyMode™ comprehensive dimming control improves picture quality
    • High frequency PWM dimming up to 4kHz
    • Scanning-mode PWM dimming
    • Configurable phase-shift dimming
    • 8-bit analog dimming
    • 13-bit PWM dimming
    • Hybrid dimming (analog and PWM)
  • PWM dimming range: 0% to 100%
  • Comprehensive protection features:
    • Individual LED short protection
    • Channel-to-channel short protection
    • Current sink MOSFET drain-to-source short protection
    • Current sense resistor short protection
    • Chip-to-chip string short protection across multiple LED drivers
    • LED open-fault detection
    • Over-temperature protection
  • Scalable LED current
  • Supports 2D and 3D LCD TV modes
  • Supports patterned retarder (PR) and shutter glass (SG) 3D technologies
  • Digitally controlled scanning mode
  • External LED current sink MOSFETs for maximum flexibility
  • SPI daisy-chain interface simplifies design when supporting more than 16 LED strings
  • Internal PLL ensures jitter-free operation even with noisy VSYNC signal
  • Reduces BOM costs
    • Digital control engine eliminates need for MCUs
    • The 65V drain sensing capability eliminates external diodes, cascodes, zener clamps
    • Wide, 10V to 28V input supply voltage eliminates need for separate voltage rail


  • Direct and edge-lit LED backlit LCD TVs and monitors

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